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2009/10 Pet Model of the Year

Pet Model of the Year: Enter your pet in's 2009/10 Pet Photo Contest.

November 2009 Entries
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Australian Sheperd

Dog Model

boerbol dog model


Australian Shepherd
Walker's Fruit Farms
VOTE for Robaine


The Driver
Johannesburg, SA
VOTE for Daisy


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October 2009 Entries
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Australian Sheperd Puppy

Yorshire Terrier Puppy



Australian Sheperd
Midrand, SA
VOTE for Jinx


Yorshire Terrier
Pretoria, SA
VOTE for Frankie


Pekingese Puppy
Pretoria, SA

Playful Puppy

Veiled Chameleon

boerbol dog model


Playful Puppy
Pretoria, SA
VOTE for Zi-Shang-Ti


the Veiled Chameleon
Pretoria, SA
VOTE for Baby

Dexter and Didi

Beautiful Puppies
Cape Town, SA
VOTE for Dexter and Didi

Australian Sheperd Puppy

boerbol dog model

boerbol dog model


Golden Retriever
Cape Town, SA
VOTE for Dexter


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September 2009 Entries
Pet Model of the Year Contest: CLICK HERE to Add a Contestant.


Maggie the Jack Russell Terrier


pekengese puppy


Jack Russell Terrier
Equestria, Pretoria
VOTE for Maggie


Female Chihauhau
Cape Town, SA
VOTE for Minki


Pekengese Puppy
Pretoria, SA
VOTE for Jade

maine coon cross norwegian forest cat

boerbol dog model

dog model


Maine Coon Cross
Pretoria, SA
VOTE for Ice


Pietermaritzburg, KZN, SA
VOTE for Leeu


Pietermaritzburg, KZN, SA
VOTE for Attilla

cat model

Frankie a Yorkshire Terrier

boerbol dog model


Mischievous Cat
Pietermaritzburg, KZN, SA
VOTE for Amelie


Yorkshire Terrier
Pretoria, SA
VOTE for Frankie


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Just like new born babies, our pets are adorable, cute and mean so much to us. Now they can be models, movie stars, companions, etc. How can we ever thank them for all they give to us? Maybe showing them off will do the trick…

Enter your pet photo in our 2009/10 Pretoria Pet of the Year contest. All pets (mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, etc) can enter. I mean all…

Your pet could win prizes to the value or R3000. The finalists will also make it into our 2011 calendar and maybe open acting jobs for themselves.

Think your Pet has what it Takes?

Do you have a cute or clever pet? Share his/ her photo with us and WIN!

Check Other Pet Models

Click below to see entries from other proud pet owners...

Fiefie is my best friend, we found her on a truck dirty neclected and left for dead, the owner of fiefie charged us R5 if we wanted to taked her, and up …

chucky the pekingese 
this is my lovely white pekingese. he loves playing in the water

Babooshka is an extremely active and lovable 1 year old Norwegian Forest Cat. Her registered name is "Black Beauty" She loves the outdoors and doing …

She is the cutest little thing, we rescued her as a 3 week old kitten, where we had to bottle feed her and keep her with us 24/7 at home and the office …

Bubbels the Yorkshire Terrier 
Bubbels is a Yorkshire Terrier - She does not weigh 700grams yet, but in her mind she thinks she is bigger than our Great Dane. She is a very cocky little …

Independent, loyal and loving

Roxy the st bernard 
Roxy is a st bernard, she reminds me of my dalmatian of 11 years, who sadly was put to sleep in June 2010. It's as if my dalmatian lives on in Roxy, she …

Sakura - Labrador 
Sakura is a purebred Labrador puppy. She will be with us now for nearly 3 weeks. Her name Sakura means Cherry Blossom, it is a Japanese flower. She …

Whiskey the Schnauzer 
Whiskey is an adorable Schnauzer with a personality that is so loving and he enjoys going for walks, playing with mom and talking in doggy language when …

Zeeu the Snorkie 
He is an adorable Snorkie which is a yorkie and Schnauzer cross who loves to smile when you getting home or offer any snacks. So gently and loving …

Lee-Lu the Pekingese 
Pekingese 13yrs old, she has a soft nature & the spirit of a youngster.

Angel the Australian Kelpie 
My dog Angel the Australian Kelpie is one of the most affectionate dogs i have ever met, she loves to be around all people and always has lots of kisses …

Izzy the Maltese 
Izzy is a little Maltese. She is the cutest little thing in the world. Izzy has such a wonderful nature and such a unique personality. She goes everywhere …

Munkey is my best friend. She is a cross Yorky, cross pavement special and everyone compliments her beautiful nature. What I love most about my Munkey …

Princess Zoe 
If I had to some up friendship in one word it would be, "ZOE!!" Zoe - is an educated, mature lady who has attended obidenance training for 4 years …


prince roger the yorkie puppy 
Roggie is a lively young yorkie (18 months) and he rules our house.He does not know he's a dog and therefor behaves like a real little clever cutie. He …

Gert a boston terrier 
Gert is a boston terrier male, almost 8 months old. This was taken over the December holiday, he loved the beach.

Kaylee is my cute Scotty pup! She is full of life and never gives up. She is the sweetest little one ever!

Rolo J Williams 

Jeep the Boerboel 
Jeep is a 9 month old Boerboel. He has a precious personality and is the best dog in the world. He is lovable and playful. Jeep has very good manners …

Rocky the Jack Russell 
He is cute, fuzzy, adorable and the most loving and wanted pet in the whole universe! he is 'n Jack Russell - the friendliest and most adored one, of course! …

Bronx a GSD Dog 
(click on image to enlarge) Bronx is a 2 year old GSD. He has a loving temperament. He is my protector and friend. He travels with me everywhere, and …

Coco Chanel the Siamese Kitten 
On April the 18th my fiancee and I went to our local SPCA to adopt a kitten after we lost our 15year old baby. At the very first cage there was a siamese …

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Teddy the Pekingese 
He's the most proud and lovable pekingese I've ever seen. he loves treats and cuddles.

Sasha the Bull terrier 
Sasha is my first Bull terrier. She has the most amazing personality even though she is only 4 months old. I got her when she was 6 weeks, the people …

Bam-Bam The Siberian Husky  
This my Siberian Husky Bam-Bam. The photo was taken a few months ago and although he has grown in size, he is still the same sweet natured, sensitive, …

"Baby" is now almost two years old (January). She crept into our hearts because of her character like no other dog has before. She's such a dainty "girlie …

Sindi the Pomeranian 
My name is Sindi, I'm a real fluffy and hairy Toy Pom better known as a Pomeranian. I love my sleep and tormenting the rest of the family. I don't like …

Shanika the Peruvian Hairless Dog 
I am a real sexy, nice built Peruvian Hairless with the name Shanika. I love to take my owner for a walk. I am 1 and a half years old and got a loud voice …

Mai-Tai the Chinese Crested 
Hi there Mai-Tai here......I'm a sexy Chinese Crested-and yes I'm hairless. I'm am 2 year old baby and I just adore my mommy. I was given away .... …

Daisy is the "madam" and complete head of our house (and also of our other two babies a Maltese and a Yorkie.) She is now 9 years old and due to her …

Robaine the Australian Shepherd 
Robaine is a black-tri Australian Shepherd. His registered name is Briarbrooks All Dressed in Black. Robaine was imported from the USA in 2005, his …

Zi-Shang-Ti means: Beautiful/graceful gift from God. This is Ti our newest baby in the house. He is now about 5 months old and KUSA registered. He is …

BJ the Pekingese Puppy 
BJ is just over a year old and Jade's older sister... one batch removed. BJ is the most gentle lady in the house, quiet yet cheeky enough to try and …

Tinka the Mine Cat 
Tinka is the love child of a mine cat. she was found under a ore fab office in Rustenburg and she was the most inquisitive and cute out of the litter. …

Mojo - a Yorshire Terrier Puppy 
Mojo is a Yorshire terrier puppy, he is 7 months old. He likes playing ball for hours and hours non stop. He also likes the toilet for some reason, don’t …

Jinx- an Australian Shepherd 
Jinx is an Australian Shepherd and she is just over 2 years old.She has recently become a breed show Champion and are busy with agility training.I am also …

Frankie a Yorkshire Terrier 
Frankie is a loving Yorkshire terrier. He is 3 years old and weighs only 1.8 Kg. He loves the outdoors and the ocean, he also likes taking walks. His favourite …

Maggie the Jack Russell Terrier 
Oh my, where do I begin? She is a blessing to us. Mags loves toys, her favourite is her giraffe, Rahfis, she will drag him through the entire house behind …

Leeu the Boerbol 
This is Leeu, he is a three year old boerbol who is an absolute love addict. He makes sure he is always involved in what ever you are doing. He is a fanatic …

This is Attilla, he is just over 3 years old. He is a major part of the family and is very much loved despite his very slobbery chops. He loves nothing …

Amelie the Mischievous Cat 
This is Amelie, we got her from the SPCA and she has been a bundle of fun. She is extremely mischievous and always sticking her nose where it does not …

Minki-the female Chihauhau 
Minki is a 2 year old female Chihauhau, she weights 1.9kg, adorable and loves the camera....

Jade a pekengese puppy 
Jade is now 10 months old. She is a pekengese puppy. I got her when she was only 4 weeks old and she's just the most loveable puppy. Jade has a habit …

Ice is almost 9 months old. He is a maine coon cross norwegian forest cat. We adopted him about two months ago after he was taken away from his previous …

Bellamie the Pekingese 
Bellamie is our 7th pekingese we have ever owned and the strangest little friend ever. Yes we know she is a little squint, but that doesn't stop her. From …

Dexter and Didi 
My two adorable kids. This was taken when they were about 2months old. They were named after the cartoon, Dexter's Laboratory, on cartoon Network. …

Gnocci the Pekignese Not rated yet
Gnocci is the most charismatic and loving Pekignese I have ever come across. He is incredibly energetic, loves his squeaky toys to pieces (literally) and …

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Belle the Princess Not rated yet
She is a loving caring little kitty.She loves attention and will lie by your side till your arm is tired.She always keeps herself perfectly manicured and …

Crusty the Green Iguana Not rated yet
Crust is known as a green iguana. Scary Huh? Actually not at all, she is extremely sweet and gentle. She walks around our house amongst the dogs and …

Bruno the Collie-Whippet  Not rated yet
Bruno and Lola are brother and sister Collie/Whippet mixes :) This is one of my first days spent with them, they're 6 1/2 weeks old in this picture and …

Mason the Jack Russel Not rated yet
He is a sweet little Jack Russel, nearly 9 weeks old but he's a stocky little boy and full of beans! He's very light in colour, and has such a BIG character! …

Koos Pottas the Bulldog Not rated yet
He is by far the most active and energetic Bulldog I've ever seen!! Will never be to tired to go for a walk or to take a swim... beleive it or not... he …

Toby the Boerboel Not rated yet
Adorable offspring of my pair of loveable & protective Boerboels mighty Rusty & lady Trix. they love trampolining with the kids.

Jessie the Jack Russel Terrier Not rated yet
Jessie is a 7 months old Jack Russel Terrier who is fiercely loyal and independent.

Jade Not rated yet
Jade is a year-old tricolour border collie.

Rucor Sebastiaan I Not rated yet
He is a real ambassador for the Boerboel breed. He is a very loveable animal with a wonderful temperament and just love a big hug. He is a 3 year old …

Rucor Sebastiaan I Not rated yet
He is a real ambassador for the Boerboel breed. He is a very loveable animal with a wonderful temperament and just love a big hug. He is a 3 year old …

Lisa Not rated yet
Lisa is my mom's dog and she just loves to watch television. She reminds me of a small child watching television, and no matter how many times you call …

JUBA the Rhodesian ridgeback Not rated yet
(click on image to enlarge) Juba is a Rhodesian ridgeback now currently at the age of 1 year old. He was the only one of twelfth puppies that was …

NuNu the rag-doll Not rated yet
Nunu is the most lovable cat i have ever owned. we rescued her from the animal anti cruel league where she was the last left from her litter. NuNu is a …

Lola Not rated yet
Lola is two years old she will be three in November. she is a boxer she is very playful lola loves her toys and treats! she loves kids and other dogs.she …

Izzy the Labrador Not rated yet
Izzy is a beach loving 1 year old white/chocolate lab who also knows how to have a good time in the snow!

CESAR Not rated yet
Cesar is shy but very lovable with his mom

Spokie the Jackie Not rated yet
Spokie is a shy little Jackie and we love her very much.

Abigail Not rated yet
Abigail is our very special daughter. She is now 9 months old and very happy! Specially when sleeping in our bed! Abigail is the liveliest, loveliest …

Dexter the Miniature Schnauzer Not rated yet
Miniature Schnauzer - 2 years - male Was an only child. Great with my 10 month old boy but a bit jealous Loves attention Share the bed with us - This …

Maverick Not rated yet
Maverick is the Jnr Grand Victor for 2010. Has the wackiest personality and for a dog of his size thinks he is a poodle and can sit on just about anyone's …

Whiskers Not rated yet
Whiskers is a little rescue kitten which I bottle fed.. He is very affectionate, has a funny personality and is very cute.

Lucy the Collie Not rated yet
Lucy is a 20 month old, Tri-colored Collie. She is just crazy about balls and would play all day if she could. She was born with Hip Dysplasia …

WITBLITS the Poodle Not rated yet
I adopted this adorable poodle from the SPCA, he is the cutest and friendliest dog ever. This little angel was very scared when I first brought him …

Mischka the Persian Kitten Not rated yet
The most beautiful Persian kitty in the world...

Jade the Besset Not rated yet
Jade our Besset is an absolute stunning friend of the family even though we look so sad, she is our childrens best friend. She has loads of patience & …

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Leonardo Not rated yet
Our sweetest little pup. Sleep most of the time!

Cleo the Labrador Not rated yet
Adorable Labrador. Loves her food and snacks!

Angelicus Not rated yet
My baby mini worsie. Lovable, loves to play. Live inside and access to the garden. Sleep with mom and dad. She's so cute and lets you know when she …

Cola Not rated yet
Very lovable Labrador X Border Collie. Have so much energy. Loves to run and play!

Shakespeare Not rated yet
My worsie! Very jealous and protective and so lovable! He lives inside the house and even sleeps with us. Don't like to be cold and either way lie on …

Hugs! Not rated yet
The most adorable little human stuck inside the body of an almost 2yr old beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback crossed Terrier! He got his name the moment …

Lady Victoria the Yorkshire Terrier Not rated yet
Lady Victoria or short, Vicky was born on 8 December 2009. She is a 5 month old Yorkshire Terrier and has really taken my life by storm! She is the …

Lugar the Labrador Not rated yet
Lugar is a 5 year old Labrador lady. She is gorgeous and really sweet. She loves her chew toys, loves attention and she loves taking me for a walk …

Tinkerbell the Pitbull Not rated yet
Tinkerbell is a 12 month old red-nose pitbull. She is a little lady who loves the good life. She loves posing for photos.

Princess Paris the Miniature Toypom Not rated yet
Paris is a miniature toypom and she was born with a heart defect. This is a small little dog with a soft temper. She's her mommies lovey little dolly. …

Juliette is a black beauty Not rated yet
She is 4 years old and lovesssss sweety treats.Being the prominent dog figure at home she decides who eats what and when. She has a playfull but stubborn …

PEBBELS the golden spaniel Not rated yet
Pebbels (5 year old golden spaniel) has a bad temper but she can be very charming if she wants to. She guards the family with an evil eye and she loves …

Jackie the Jack Rusell Terrier Not rated yet
Jackie is a Jack Rusell Terrier Female, who is very active and vibrant. She is a joy in everyone's life who she meets. She is very smart and likes to …

Sasha the Bull terrier puppy Not rated yet
Sasha is my adorable bull terrier puppy. When we got her she was very sick the owners of the parents tried to bulk the puppies up by taking them off …

Jack Not rated yet
Jack joined our family recently rescued from San Diego pound

Kassie Not rated yet
Kassie is a nine week old, energetic and happy dog. He loves treats and lots of attention. We love him so much!

Chinchilla Persian - Cleopatra (cleo) Bouwer Not rated yet
Chinchilla Persian Cat: Our gorgeous little baby girl is only 2 and a half months old at the moment. She is a pure breed shaded Chinchilla Persian, …

Storm Not rated yet
Storm was born on the 7th November this year and she's just the sweetest little puppy. Storm is a white german sheperd and she's got some serious growing …

CK the Male Shitzu Not rated yet
Ck is a 3yr old male Shitzu. He is very smart and talented. He can say "I love you" to the sound of my voice. He knows how to wave goodbye, high five, …

DEXTER the Golden Retriever Not rated yet
Dexter is a pure breed Golden Retriever...but with a twist. His hair refuses to hang down like other retrievers. He has that "messed up out of bed" …

Baby the Veiled Chameleon Not rated yet
Baby is my pet Veiled Chameleon. She is just over a year old now and ready for a partner... She does not share her cage with anything other than food which …

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