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Making a living in Pretoria, South Africa

Making a living in Pretoria, South Africa, as an expat, an accompanying spouse or a foreigner depends on your background. People with scarce skills and qualifications get the expat jobs they want quicker than the rest of the international community. However, everyone can make a living from their own initiatives without a formal job. I know how it feels to leave your life and career at home and find yourself without any challenge in a new country.
I left it all behind too and I am very happy to have time to myself, my family and my business. Below are a few tips on how you can make a Living in Pretoria as an expart’s spouse or a stay at home parent.

1. Start a website
I started this website and three others as my new career. That way I get to do what I love, sharing what I know with those who need it and making a living from it. It does sound like a dream and I am living it. I started my websites without any knowledge of web designing, html and even writing. I never needed that training or any IT skills. All I had to do is type. For more on how you can build a profitable website without any html skills, please click here.

2. Freelancing
One can now free lance on anything. If you have any skill, talent or qualifications you can start a freelance career. You may use your skills by consulting for a few hours a week. This requires some networking skills. You need to get out there and be seen to get some contracts. You can do anything on a part-time basis, depending on your availability.

3. Virtual Assistant
A virtual assistant business is perfect for an expat. You can reach your clients from anywhere in the world. You can do bookkeeping, administration or even be a personal assistant for a number of companies. You will need to be highly organized and pay attention to detail. A website will again come in very handy.

4. Writing
Everyone has a story. You may start your writing career as an expat in Pretoria. You may get a course to brush up your writing skills. A new country or city always presents one with an opportunity to explore, travel and great writing ideas. Take out your writing pad and start brainstorming with yourself. You will need a lot of passion and some reading.

5. Online Tutor
What is it that you know and someone else needs. You may think that you cannot make a living from your mothering, cooking, gardening or organisational and tidying skills. Yes, you can make a living from any skill or talent you have. You may now design courses to offer a skill to those who are interested. You will obviously need a website, passion, internet and a few hours every week.

6. Craft Business
You may do any crafts and sell them online, thanks to the power of the internet. What is your hobby? Will it be jewelry designing, painting, invitation card making or scrap booking. You may offer just about any craft for sale online. You will need a skill, a website and a lot of time.

7. Public Speaking
Public speaking is a very profitable business. This takes some training and a bit of assertiveness. Anyone can speak about anything really. All it takes is research. Speak to groups, travel to new places and do that for free as a paid speaker. You need an adventurous character, research skills and proper planning skills.

8. Language Translator
There is always a market for language translators. Sell your services and translate documents and in meetings, conferences or workshops. You will need to be proficient in more than one language. Making a living in Pretoria, South Africa can be easier than you imagine.

9. Import and Export Business
Your knowledge of two countries can definitely come in handy. Start an import and export agency. Take the home country products to the new country and vice versa. You may help the small businesses export their product in both countries. You will need to do some research on what each country needs.

10. Gift Business
There is a huge market for personalized gifts. Everyone likes getting a rare find for a baby showers, baby Christenings, bridal showers, birthdays, graduation parties and other special days. You may start personalizing everyday goodies and creating special gifts for your giving clients. You will need passion, some skill and again a website .

If you are an expat, you may now advertise your business in for free. Simply click here.

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