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Goodmorning Baby ! New hairstyle again ?

Goodmorning Baby ! New hairstyle again ?

"Baby" is now almost two years old (January).
She crept into our hearts because of her character like no other dog has before. She's such a dainty "girlie girl". But she fears nothing , even size wise unfortunately, and was therefore attacked by two huge boerbulls last year.

For two awful days it was touch and go, this tiny little thing was in so much pain it was terrible to see, but miraculously she survived to tell the tale for which I'm eternally she brings us so much pleasure, joy and laughs!(Thank you also to the amazing vet for dealing with all my tears and letting me stay with her most of the time !!)

She goes everywhere (I mean that) with her "mommy" she's carried as she fits perfectly in my left hand with all four paws, well except for Woolies where the security always has an "issue" -oh well their loss !
She has been made a VIP at some restaurants as she's always on her best behaviour.

As an illustrator I work from home and she lies on my stretched out legs all day and some nights, always on the lookout for all possible threats. "Watchdog" of note as they say, even my hubby has to watch out sometimes when he slaps me in jest ...:)

She loves going on outings,always ready and waiting to hear the jangle of keys. Head out the window biting the wind. Her favourite toys are anything round that squeak, she can jump so high to try reach ... you would be truly amazed !

One of her favourite positions has always been her head pushed into a pillow (like we cant see her...:)and her tiny cute bum in the air ..!?

At night when we lie in bed she gives mommy soft little butterfly kisses and falls slowly asleep (her eyes close and open slowly) and in the most amazing positions as long as she's being held close she's happy. She uses her front paws as hands to hold on ... you have to see to understand this comment. My two teenage daughters can get quite jealous of this tiny little angel and her show of affection towards me which can be really quite funny at times !

For such a tiny creature to give us so much heart and soul we are truly blessed . xoxox

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May 19, 2010
by: Anonymous


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