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Baby the Veiled Chameleon

by Leilane

My Veiled Chameleon on her branch blending in to the surroundings

My Veiled Chameleon on her branch blending in to the surroundings

Baby is my pet Veiled Chameleon. She is just over a year old now and ready for a partner... She does not share her cage with anything other than food which can be eaten, but she is just a wonderful animal.

Baby changes color not just for blending in to her surroundings, but to show her mood too, if she's happy then she's a lovely shade of green with either orange or white spots and if she's mad or not in the mood to be picked up, she'll change her color to almost black.

Baby loves crickets, will eat meal worms, but she's not fond of it, she loves silk worms and of course her Hibiscus flower petals every now and then.

I love taking her out with me if we go to the shops as people either freak out or go nuts seeing a chameleon. Kids absolutely love her and some people actually smile when they see chameleons which is something one can hardly find in the city these days.

Veiled Chameleons are not native to South Africa, but are just as beautiful as the one's we have here. Baby will grow up to at least 90cm Long by the age of 3 years and that is about as big as they can get.

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