HERE'S TO 2010

I love how Fortunato Mazzone defines Pretoria. It's a definition that I have adopted as I agree with so much.
"Even though Pretoria's really quite a big city it retains a village feel because of all the universities, schools and government institutions. The people are laid back, sophisticated and generally well travelled."

Exciting opportunities come with 2010. Those come with more responsibility. Draw a plan and a tight strategy to benefit and do all you can within legal limits.

This issue of MyPretoria Mag comes with a FREE copy of "The Exclusive Real Estate" Magazine. A fresh monthly magazine from our sister site Relocate SA. I just love these online magazines for their positive impact on the environment. Grab a copy by clicking on the magazine image to your right.

We also give an honest review of Grootfontein Country Estate. After a few visits to and my brief stay at Grootfontein, I feel I know enough to inform. More on Grootfontein...

As we get into 2010, I'd like to acknowledge our advertisers and to you, special MyPretoria Mag follower I give a sincere thank you. May your 2010 be filled with success, joy, peace and love.

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