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Appliance & Cooling Solutions

by Carin Babst
(408 Jack Hindon Street, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa)


We buy, sell and repair all major household appliances e.g. Fridges, washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers and Stoves.

Appliance & Cooling Solutions is a single owned business with low overheads and little expenses thus we offer you exceptional quality at the lowest prices.



i. Introduction

Today’s manufactured appliances are not made of the same reliable resources as in the early 60’s and 70’s.Back then household appliances lasted 10 to 20 years, if not longer, without giving any problems.

Like many products today, appliances are produced in large scale due to high demand. Materials used during earlier years are now substituted with disposable class materials which make manufacturing more cost effective. Because of these substitute materials, appliances tend to break down after only a few years.

We understand that appliances have become very expensive. After the guarantee has expired and the appliance becomes faulty, it seems too expensive to replace it every few years. We have solutions to these problems:

ii. Restoration

Instead of disposing of the broken down appliance why not consider restoration?
Beneficial aspects:
• Appliances need not be discarded of and replaced.
• Restoration costs less than replacement.
• Save up to thousands.
• Workmanship is under guarantee.
• New parts replaced are under manufacturer’s guarantee.
• The component which caused the malfunction of the appliance can possibly be minor, thus low restoration costs.

iii. Purchase

If you cannot afford new appliances, why not consider purchasing second-hand?
Beneficial aspects:
• Second hand appliances are almost half the cost compared to new appliances.
• New parts are under manufacturer’s guarantee.
• A variety of appliances become more affordable.
• “Luxury” appliances become more affordable.

iv. Sell

If you are in possession of unwanted appliances, instead of disposing of them, why not consider selling?
Beneficial aspects:
• Receive cash for unwanted appliances.
• Discard of unwanted appliances in a useful manner.
• Aid those who can only afford second hand appliances.

v. How the process works

Appliance & Cooling Solutions is a single owned business with low overheads and little expenses, thus we offer exceptional quality at the lowest prices!

 If restoration is required:

-After we receive a phone call or email from a customer, we set a date to collect the
appliance from the customer's residence.
-On arrival the customer fills out our Job Card which gives us details about the customer as well as the problem described.
-The customer has to sign the Terms and Conditions document before the appliance will be loaded.
-When the appliance arrives at the workshop the technician will do a thorough inspection and diagnoses, after which the customer will be phoned and given the proper quotation.
-If the quotation is accepted the appliance will be repaired.
-A date will be scheduled to deliver the restored appliance.
-If the quotation is declined the appliance will be delivered as is.
- A date will be scheduled to deliver the appliance.
-Cash on delivery.

 Purchasing second-hand appliances

-After receiving a phone call or email from a customer a time will be scheduled for the customer to inspect the appliance before purchasing.
-Customers are welcome to arrive during business hours without notifying.
-If the customer is interested in buying the Terms and conditions document has to be read and signed.
-A deposit of 50% is required before a date will be scheduled to deliver the purchased appliance.
-Cash on delivery.
*The customer may load the purchased appliance with own transport.
-Cash on purchase.

 Selling an appliance

-After receiving a phone call or email from a customer, a date will be scheduled for the technician to arrive at the customer's residence.
-The technician will inspect the appliance before deciding to purchase.
-The appliance may be working or not.
-A higher cash payout is given to a customer if the appliance is still in a working condition.
-A lower cash payout is given to a customer if the appliance is not in a working condition.
-The technician will pay the customer and load the appliance before departing.


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Selling Fridge NEW
by: Ntombi

Good day,

I'm looking to sell my Samsung mirror finish side by side. It comes on but no longer gets cold.

If interested contact me on 0781095995

Fraudsters and Scammers NEW
by: Anonymous

Fraudsters. Took my deposit money and disappeared. Zander and Carin

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