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The mission of Anand Seeds Company is to supply customers with a consistent source of high quality vegetable seeds.
Anand Seeds Company has extensive experience and expertise in seed production and varietal development. We are especially qualified to meet your company's special needs as you provide your customers with an excellent selection of proven planting seeds.

Anand Seeds Company is strictly a wholesale vegetable seed breeder and producer. We partner with a network of seed distributors throughout the India to serve professional vegetable growers. For information on how to contact an Anand Seeds Company distributor nearest to you, please e-mail us at
We may have distributorships available in your marketing area and we welcome your inquiries regarding our vegetable seeds. Please contact us for additional information on our product line and other details.

Contact Person: Mr Sushil Kumar Singh
Mobile no: +919973320355
phone no: +916224-237033
email id:


1. Showing time- Feb to July
2. Seedlings maturity time - 25 to 30 days
3. Maturity time - 55 to 60 Days after transplantation
4. Half open dome shaped
5. Pure white curd
6. More rain resistance than other varieties
7. Curd size - 750 gms to 1.5 kg
8. Medium sized leaves
9. Crop takes 2 week for cutting

1. This variety is generally grown in the hilly areas.
2. Its steams are long & broad;
3. High rain resistance,
4. Average curd weight 750 grams to 1.5 kg,
5. Milky white, very hard & tough looks like a pearl.
6. Best sowing time is 15 May to July
7. Seedlings will be ready in- 22 to 30 days
8. Crop will be ready in 50 to 60 days
9. It takes 10 -15 days for cutting

1. Sowing time - 15 May to July
2. Seedlings ready for transplant - 22 to 28 days
3. Crop will be ready - 45 to 50 days
4. Leaves and stem - small
5. Rain - Highly resistance than other varieties
6. Very much hard and compact
7. Suitable for long distance transportation
8. Takes 2 week for cutting

1. Showing time - March to July
2. Days required for seedlings -22 to 28 days
3. Days required for cutting - 55 to 60 days
4. Medium sized leaves and stem
5. Average curd weight 700 gms to 1.5 kg
6. Pure white in colour
7. Rain resistance power
8. Suitable for long distance transportation

1. Showing time- March to july
2. Takes 25 to 30 days for seedlings
3. Takes 55 to 60 days for cutting
4. Highly rain resistance power
5. Curd size 700 gms to 1.5 kg
6. white and compact curd
7. Slow cutting

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