Weather South Africa

Weather South Africa and the general details on the South Africa weather. Below is the weather reading for Pretoria and the information on SA temperatures are below the widget.

Weather Today in Pretoria

The weather in Pretoria and in the rest of South Africa is sunny throughout the year. Winters can be cold but a typical South African winter day is chilly in the morning with the bright warm sun coming out at around 10 am. We love our sun and we get a bit miserable when we don't see it for a couple of days. That's what you will find in common among South Africans. April and May are considered the most pleasant months as rains have passed in most of the country and before the winter rains in Cape Town and closer areas.

The South Africa weather is also influenced by the subtropical location of the country in the world map. The various locations within the country experience different temperatures and climatic conditions. Extremely freezing winters in the south and extremely hot summers in the north of the country.


The temperatures are fairly uniform throughout the country. Summers can see temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius. This is the case with Pretoria. In some areas like the northern parts of the country bordering Zimbabwe, temperatures can go beyond 38 degrees. Similar to Pretoria, Johannesburg weather can reach the early 30s in degrees celcius. Johannesburg is generally cooler than Pretoria in both summer and winter. The difference is negligible, in few degrees, but can be felt in extreme hot and cold weather conditions.

What to pack to South Africa

Whilst SA is a warm country, winters can be cold too. Even in summer days, take with a warm jacket and a rain coat. You are unlikely to find people in heavy winter coats. Likewise, in winter, pack a few summer items. SA winters are blessed with a shiny sun, everyday. Some parts of SA require some insect repellents. You have to find out before heading this way if your destination is a in a malaria area. If you are going on an African Safari, pack comfortable shoes and the popular khaki or neutral kind of soft cotton clothing. The lighter your outfit the better for the outdoors. The sun hat or cap is also a "must pack" item. You are very likely to need that.

Pack your medication and extra prescription for your chronic medication and other items like contact lenses. You are likely to get a pharmacy within reach anywhere in the country. Sunglasses are never optional. We have a great deal of sunshine. Sunglasses and a good SPF lotion are necessary to protect you from UV Rays.

Feel free to ask us on any other information on coming to visit South Africa, especially Pretoria. We are here to help make your trip easier.
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