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Soshanguve Kwasa Grill

by Cyril Skosana
(Soshanguve, Pretoria, South Africa)

Soshanguve Kwasa Grill

Soshanguve Kwasa Grill

A look at the Soshanguve Kwasa Grill, a new addition to the Soshanguve business community.

South Africa is a diversified country that consists of various cultural facets. With different races and ethnic groups, we as South Africans are always on a path to learning about each other’s culture. The capital city of Mzansi (South Africa), Tshwane (Pretoria), absorbs a number of assorted cultural groups found in the country from the Cape to Musina. It does not end with that; the city has given birth to its own culture, dance, style of dressing and flaunting complemented by its lingo that is known as “Se Pitori”. This is vividly evident in the famous streets of the city.

One of the plenty ways to learn about the next culture is through the special dish the next cultural cluster consumes, especially in a country like South Africa. Although the lines of distinction are blurred in the Nguni clan when it comes to their food preferences, an even closer unity prevails in the work places and education institutions like universities and colleges, amongst South Africans when they meet in Tshwane. And the food language is the same… Sphatlho.
Sphatlho (quarter) is widely known to have began in Pretoria. It is part of the components that makes up the culture of Pretorians, and it is branded to be playing a central-role in South African students that are based in Pretoria. With times changing constantly, cultures are influenced by the next culture. New traditions are adopted for cultural revival and adjustments to accommodate trends and most times influenced by the media.

In Soshanguve there is a new chicken grill known as Kwasa Grill. The grill is part of the central-role playing in Soshanguve Block G for socializing and even just for a good meal. It is a hassle-free spot for a good lunch and time out. The grill is enlivening lives of students of Tshwane University of Technology (Soshanguve Campus) and the bordering residents. Students are introduced to urbane but inexpensive Kasi (Township) spot that gives them an incredible meal after a long day’s work.

Soshanguve Kwasa Grill is situated right in front of the university, convenient enough for the students. This spot opened its gates two months ago, and has been highly cherished by the nearby residents and the students of TUT. “This place is different from the rest but we are serving the same community of Soshanguve Township”, said Thabiso Mohapi, the Griller. Thabiso says the place is always busy, but it gets a bit tough during the mid-month.

He believes that the place is building up very well and it is promisingly growing. “We are obviously hungry for success and we are working to achieve that goal, this all could only be done through hard work”, he further said.

We definitely agree with Thabiso. South Africa can do with any kind of growth. And TUT students can definitely do with the healthy addition to their diet. Your next visit to Soshanguve may now include a detour to Kwasa, opposite the Tshwane University of Technology.

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