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Safe Neighbourhoods in and Around Lynnwood

by Maria
(Sappers Contour Street, Lynnwood, Pretoria, South Africa)

Enquiry on Safe Neighbourhoods in and Around Lynnwood below:
I am considering a 6-9 mo consultant opportunity in Pretoria. The place where I would work is in or near Sappers Contour Street, Lynnwood. I am really looking forward to knowing this beautiful city. I would like to know:
1)Which are the best areas/neighbourhoods in which to rent a (preferably furnished) apartment for a single woman?
2)Are there any lively, safe neighbourhoods where there is truly a neighbourhood life (i.e. going out to get a coffee, buying bread at the bakery, etc) or for a safe place it is only gated communities, and what does life look like in these?
3)Is it possible to easily rent a place for just 6-9 months?
4)Also, could you explain to me the difference between a "townhouse", a "bachelor's apartment" and a regular "apartment". I'm confused by these terms on rental sites.
Many thanks in advance!

(Response below the Lynnwood Map)

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Our Response on Safe Neighbourhoods in and Around Lynnwood
1)Lynnwood is one of the upmarket suburbs in Pretoria. Furnished apartments/ townhouses are not supposed to be hard to get even for that limited time. They will definitely have secured small townhouses suitable for a single woman. I provided the description of a townhouse below.
2)Precisely, there is a lively life. You can easily go to the cafe, restaurant, supermarket, etc. You should be safe if you do all these during the day. As a local, I drive at every time of the night, but I think it’s better for you to be careful. You can do lots of stuff during the day. There are a number of malls around Lynnwood. It’s also close to the University of Pretoria. There are a lot of young people in the area, but in a nearby suburb known as Hatfield.
3)Yes renting for 6-9 months should be possible. I can refer you to the rental agents in the area if you like. Just send me an email using the contact us page.
4)"Townhouse", a "bachelor's apartment" and a regular "apartment" explained below.

What is a Townhouse in South Africa? Difference between a Townhouse and Apartment:
A townhouse is really like any house in South Africa but differs to freestanding houses in that, they are a form of a small gated community. They are perceived to be safer than the free standing houses. Some have their own security guards and controlled access. We have townhouses that are attached to other homes on either side, attached to another similar townhouse on one side, stacked on top of another house or below, free standing, etc.

The only difference between a townhouse and any apartment is that an apartment is a tall stacked building. Townhouses usually have the small private garden space at the front or the back of the house. There are townhouses without a garden though. There are large townhouses bigger than most freestanding houses but townhouses are historically small.

Townhouses are very popular in South Africa among the young professionals and young families. They are usually secured and offer entertainment area like a patio or balcony and some shared or communal facilities like a swimming pool and in rare occasions, a gym. Pets may or may not be allowed. Parking is usually limited. If one plans to have a car, he/she should make sure there is a garage/ parking available.

Different Types of Gated Communities, Townhouses and Apartments (South Africa)
a) Large gated communities are usually refered to as estates in SA. They may be Golf estates or just called residential estates. They usually have huge homes and offer a high level of security. They may or may not have health, shopping, schooling facilities and a lot more amenities. They are more like family areas.
b) A Duplex is a two storey townhouse. It usually has the kitchen, living areas and guest toilet (optional) in the ground floor with bedrooms and bathrooms in the top floor
c) A Simplex is a one/ single storey townhouse
d) A Stack simplex is also one/ single storey but stacked with two separate dweller homes on top of the other. It is like an apartment with only two floors.
e) An apartment is generally a high rise building. If it’s a bachelor’s or studio apartment, it has one open plan kitchen/ Living area/ Bedroom with a separate bathroom. The other apartments will just be differentiated with the number of bedrooms. Otherwise it is the standard description of apartments you get in most countries.

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Mar 03, 2012
by: MCI

Thank you very much, this is really helpful!

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