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Rental in South Africa

I am interested in renting a property in a safe area of South Africa. We are a family of 4 English speaking and are looking for a good quality home in a safe location, preferably with a swimming pool and good size garden area.

I would appreciate if you could e-mail me with details of houses available to rent and with information about relocating to South Africa and what to expect there.

Can you also tell me about any extra costs that would be incurred that the rental does not cover and about the cost of living in the safe areas. Our Budget is in the region of R40,000 - R50,000 per year.

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Renting a Home in South Africa
by: Mbini (ed)

Your budget is 565USD (R4000) per month at today's exchange rate. You may get a small town house in a great area for that amount. You will not find a 3 bedroom townhouse with its own garden and a swimming pool. You are likely to get a 2 bedroom town house or duplex with a small garden if not in the first floor with a communal swimming pool. Your budget is too tight. In other non-secured places you may off course get a a bigger place. But in secured complexes, it is difficult to get anything for a family below R6000 per month. And a secured comfortable home with a big garden and a swimming pool comes at more that R12 000.

Rental homes come with water and rates (paid by owner) if they are in a security complex. In most cases they come with garden services as well. However you pay for your own energy/ gas/ electricity. That varies but with my family of four our monthly electricity went up to R400. There may be an increase in electricity in the near future but a typical South African family uses electricity exclusively.

Hope that helps.

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