Pet Contest Winners

Results of the Pet Contest. Accept our apologies. Pet Contest Winners in our exciting Pet Model of the Year. All pets living in Pretoria and outside Tshwane are allowed to enter.

Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun. We are still receiving entries today after all this time. We haven't decided to continue with these contests because of the work load at the moment. But in 2013/2014, we will have new and exciting contests and partnerships with local business. Below are the Pet Contest winners. As you can imagine, it was really tough. All the pets are the cutest we've ever seen. The online voting carried a very minimal weight because of some pet owners voting for their own pets several times. Apart from online votes, we had a panel of judges. All judges have pets of their own. But they were not allowed to enter their own pets in the contest.

We have a tie for the place of the overall winner.
Overall Winners share the R2000 first prize.

Our Overall Winners

Bam-Bam the Siberian Husky
pet model of the year
Bam-Bam was just a hit. Everyone of the judges ranked this cutie tops. You will notice that he didn't get much votes, but the judges all agreed that he was one of the best entries received.

Roxy the St Bernard
pet contest winners
Roxy also received the high ratings. She was loved for her quiet cuteness. She does look cudly in a somewhat quiet way. It was not easy choosing between the two and at the end we were happy to have them share the prize.

Because of the overwhelming response, we had another tie of 4 amazing pets in the second place. Howver, one of our pets is not South African and cant receive the prize. the three pets will share the R1000 prize, getting R330 each in the following categories.

In Second Place

The Cutest Cat
Tinka The Mine Cat

The Funniest Pet

The Amazing Photographs
Angel The Australian Kelpie is not a South African pet and could therefore not be able to receive the prize.

Amelie The Mischievous Cat