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Clown Spots in Shopping Malls

by Cyril Skosana
(Pretoria, South Africa)

Clown Spots in Shopping Malls

Clown Spots in Shopping Malls

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South Africa's unemployment and youth crime statistics seem to be pointing right up on the social science charts. As if that is not enough, teenage pregnancy seems to be the result of the idle hands of young people in the country. Incentives and grants for child support could be what the young people see as a reward for living rather carefree lives.

Fortunately, not all the unemployed young adults have resorted to criminal way of living. Some have decided find a purpose and an honest way to earn a living. One such way is the cheering of shoppers by clowns. This was first seen in Cape Town’s famous streets where professional clowns have taken to the streets to cheer the public while making a few rands to support themselves and their families.

This pleasant trend is also creeping into the lustrous streets of Gauteng. Not only has it clogged there, professional and amateur clowns have taken this inclination to the malls and highly congested commuter routes. This is well suited for the shopping malls of Gauteng where shoppers’ spirits are lifted with cheerfulness and joy. Consumers have noted it out that it is an amusing way for them to make money, although it is not a lot of money, it is better than zilch or scamming people.
“I really prefer and respect these clowns who make us laugh and I do not mind to whole-heartedly give my money to them, I give them with a big smile knowing that they are far better than these thieves who snatch our bags in the malls,” said a shopper, in Central City Mall, Mabopane, Malindi Rachedi. Malindi says she is aware that what she gives them is not enough to feed them and their families, but it will make an immense difference because it is not just coming from her pocket, but it is all coming from her open heart.

Pretoria has been on an owl’s watch by the citizens of South Africa and the police, particularly those who live within the city, with the issue of “nyaope boys”. These seem to have been an epidemic that is contaminating the reputation of the capital city. “Nyaope boys” are notoriously known for their criminal conducts: ranging from snatching bags in traffic lights and shopping centres to robbing people at knife point.

This began towards the end of 2010 from the local townships: Mamelodi, Soshanguve, Attredgville, Mabopane and other nearest towns. Their attacks are slowly driving the capital city of the country to the verge of crime encroachment.

There two most recent clown spots in Pretoria shopping centres are in Sammy Marks shopping centre and Central City mall, Mabopane. Other clowns have been seen from day to day on the street previously known as Van De Walt and now changed to Lillian Ngoyi street in the CBD. Remember to search for the Clown Spots in Shopping Malls to drop your change.

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