2010 SAFTA AWARDS AND THEATRE February 2010 / Issue 8

A thought came to me as I transferred thousands of rands to the account of a stranger. Yes you heard correctly, a stranger in another country. The only thing I knew was that I need his software and a full day workshop we held on Skype was convincing enough. I never even panicked as I transfer my children's inheritance to a stranger in another country. That's the story of the "Generation Me" era. Use of risky technology has become a norm.

But I must say, there are positives in today's lifestyle. All my family and friends live in my laptop screen at the moment. And I managed to track more than 150 of them. I chat with my cute nieces and nephews more often than I even wish. What happened to a sense of "TOUCH" being the most important sense in a relationship?

This must be the reason Theatre performance is one of the most "real" forms of entertainment that exist. As usual, we are giving you a handy theatre programme for the month. Firstly, be informed that The 2010 SA Film and Television Awards are in Pretoria on Saturday the 20th of February, check the details here... We also have the SAFTA Nominees list here...

Theatre in February:

Jazz And African Music Nights on Fridays from 5 February 2010 - until the end of the year. More Details...
Comedy Fiesta on Saturdays from 6 February 2010. More Details...
Sins of a Man from 17 to 21 February 2010. More Details...
Time of Your Life from 19 February to 14 March 2010. More Details...
Seipati from 24 to 28 February 2010. More Details...


"There is a hunger to see the human presence acted out. As long as that need remains, people will find a way to do theater." Zelda Fichandler

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2010 SAFTAs...


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